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Since 2007, Moji has been dedicated to providing our partners with not only the best-in-class recovery and pain products, but the means to provide their customers opportunities to stay active and pain-free.

By selling Moji products in-store you’re committing to partnering with a forward thinking and experienced team that brings industry expertise to the table in order to keep your shelves stocked with the most up-to-date and beneficial products for your customers. We’re always looking for new engagement opportunities, so please contact us today to start the conversation!


Benefits of selling Moji massagers


  • Three product lines to choose from with six total products
  • Attractive packaging that welcomes customer interaction
  • Great for impulse purchases
  • Anyone can use these products, which means a varied customer purchase opportunity
  • Continued innovation, we strive to bring new product lines to you as they become available
  • Both POP and on-shelf stocking options
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

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What Our Current Retailers are Saying

I am always surprised by how many Moji Mini Pro massagers we sell. We get them in and then they are out the door. Luckily, customer service is top notch to get us back in stock quickly and easily.

Amanda Theobald
Accessories Buyer at Surefoot, L.C.

Group exercise instructors are prone to aches and pains, especially when teaching 9 -15 classes per week. First I bought the Moji Curve Pro at Relax the Back in FL. Worked great, but I needed something to help the smaller, harder-to reach areas. Then I bought (again, full retail, no less) the Moji Mini Pro at Eastern Mountain Sports in New England. Worked great.

I liked the products so much, I showed them to my PT, who has compared them to similar products and said there’s nothing even close.

I have recommended several Moji products to members of clubs where I work, and everyone who has bought one has been completely satisfied.

Not inexpensive, but well-made; they do what they promise; great how-to videos and online support. Thank you from a satisfied customer.

Rebecca M
Cert Group Ex and Water Fitness Instructor

The Moji team visited my store a little over two years ago and asked us to take a flyer on Moji. They guaranteed we would have success with the brand and if not, they would take it back, no questions asked. They left us a few of the products as samples and a starter kit to get us going. This product has sold beyond our expectations and we reorder on a monthly basis.
What we appreciate most about Moji is the products’ ease of use and the great staff. People will pick up and use the sample products we have on display in our store and realize the immediate benefits for both injuries and prevention.

Aric Shlifka
Kiddles Sports

We are so excited that we are selling product and our patients love the product!!

Frack Chiropractic

Moji is easily the most accessible item for therapy that our customers can buy and already know how to use. It’s self-explanatory, and it’s a great price point. Thanks for all of the sales Moji!

Gary L. Robinson Jr
Sales Manager at Fit2Run

At Running Right we have sold various types of massagers for the past 29 years and all the Moji products are certainly the best we have sold and used!

Running Right

The Moji Foot and Foot Pro have been great additions to our Aextrex stores. Not only do our customers benefit from the product, but the employees, as the Moji makes a wonderful add-on to our tickets and average dollar. After a free demo and use of the massager, the Moji is an easy sell – the proof is in the product. Great quality & manufacturing in the USA. The Moji is for every customer – and we’re delighted to have it in the Aetrex family.

Vice President, International Sales Aetrex

Moji products have a much different feel than any other foot massager we have carried in our stores. Our favorite product is the Moji Foot Pro. When our customers try the sample, they are more than pleased with the quick results. It really targets those who suffer from plantar fasciitis and are seeking instant foot pain relief, which is what we specialize in as well. It is easy to use, convenient, and ideal for anyone. We love Moji!!

Store Manager Aetrex Worldwide, Inc.

Moji is an excellent tool at our spa! Our Personal Trainers and Massage Therapists are so excited about Moji and being able to recommend it to their clients in between their scheduled spa appointments! The training we were given was excellent. Scott did a great job at answering everyone’s questions and being patient and making sure our entire team was very comfortable with Moji and how to use it. We have one in every one of our treatment rooms now!

Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago

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