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The Foot PRO is designed to target all areas of the foot bottom of the foot easily and comfortably. From your heels to your toes, the Foot PRO has you covered. The Foot PRO’s six massage spheres rotate freely so you can easily roll your foot in any direction. The Foot PRO features a non-slip base to prevent it from moving while you massage your foot. Unlike other foot massages, logs, or roller balls, this roller massage won’t roll away from you.

Place the Moji Foot PRO on the floor with the array of 6 massage spheres facing up. Roll you foot over the spheres. Increase the massage pressure. The pressure should feel comfortable, not painful. Use the raised center sphere to target your arches. Unlike other foot massagers, the freely rotating spheres allow you to move your feet in circles and in multiple directions to loosen tight tissues. Spend extra time on sore spots.

Use the Foot PRO anytime you need foot relief.  Use the Foot PRO pre-activity to loosen your plantar fascia and to prepare your feet for activity or use it after activity to help your foot tissue recover. Whether you have plantar fasciitis, sore achy feet from a hard run, or fatigued feet after a long day, use the Foot PRO for great relief!

Either works great! Sitting will allow you to control the rolling more and standing will allow you to have deeper pressure rolling.

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