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The Moji Curve PRO is a best in class stick massager that allows you to dig deep into larger muscle groups such as the hamstrings, quads, calves, lower back, and neck. The Curve PRO’s freely rotating massage spheres allow it to outperform conventional stick massagers. These spheres offer a great range of motion and a wide variety of massage strokes. The Curve PRO also features slotted handles that allow you to use different hand positions to target hard to reach areas.

The Curve PRO is great anytime you need relief. Use the Curve PRO before activity, after activity, or anytime you want to relax and relieve muscle tension. Whether you are a runner, strength trainer, athlete, or simply someone looking for a feel-good massage experience, the Curve PRO will help you recover and feel better anytime.

Grab the handles at each end of the massager. Using both hands, roll the massage spheres over the desired muscles. Use long strokes, circular motions, and sustained pressure to relieve muscle tension all over your body. To dig extra deep, isolate and press a single sphere on a tight spot. The slotted handles allow you to use various grip positions to help target different muscles.

The Moji Curve PRO is a full body massager, perfect for larger muscles – quads, hamstrings, calves, IT bands, and hips.

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