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By Victor Viner, Founder and CEO of Moji – A Health and Wellness Company

Are you one of the more than 200 million American adults who suffer from back or neck pain? Are you one of the 540 million people worldwide who experience low back pain? Is pain affecting your quality of life? If yes, you need doctor recommended heat therapy to help ease your pain.

Doctors Recommend Heat Therapy to Treat Back and Neck Pain

Heat should be your first line treatment for back pain, according to guidelines published by the American College of Physicians in 2017. The ACP is a leading global association of physicians that frequently sets standards for medical treatment often widely adopted by other organizations. After ACP researchers reviewed randomized controlled trials and observational studies of treatments for back pain, the ACP found that the evidence demonstrated heat relieved pain quickly. When heat was combined with exercise even greater pain relief was achieved.

Heat for easing back and neck pain is not new. This therapy has worked for more than 2,500 years. Just ask Hippocrates. Best of all, heat is safe, effective, inexpensive, and easy to use.

More than one in four Americans suffer from chronic back or neck pain, often because of repetitive motion such as computer and cell phone use, or overuse such as heavy lifting. Sometimes back or neck pain is caused by a severe injury. In cases of serious injury when the area is bruised or swollen, the skin is broken, or the area is hot to the touch, cold compresses or an ice pack should be used immediately. But 48 hours later and thereafter, heat becomes the most effective and recommended treatment, according to an article in Harvard’s Men’s Health Watch. But the vast majority of back or neck pain is not the result of acute injuries. For pain from these non-acute injuries, the ACP says heat is the best initial treatment.

Heat Therapy

Why Use Heat Therapy

How Does Heat Work? Why Does Moist Heat Work Best?

While there are many types of heat that people can use, they are not all equal. Moist heat penetrates your body faster and deeper than other forms of heat, such as heat from a heating pad or heat patch. You feel greater pain relief with moist heat because moist heat quickly gets into your muscles – the root of most back and neck pain. Plus moist heat won’t dehydrate your skin the way dry heat does.

Heat improves blood circulation causing more oxygen and nutrients to flow into your muscles. This speeds the healing process after an injury and increases your mobility. Moist heat helps stretch soft tissues, easing muscle tension and knots and, increasing flexibility in the tendons and ligaments. Heat also blocks pain signals to your brain. If that weren’t enough, heat feels so good. It’s comforting. Who doesn’t like hot tubs, steam rooms, or hot showers?

Just 15 to 20 minutes of safe, natural, and effective moist heat therapy benefits you for hours. That’s where Moji helps. Our three heated back and neck wrap solutions are specially designed to provide consistent moist heat therapy at the optimal temperature for more than 20 minutes.

Our moist heat wraps can also be used before and during exercise to reduce muscle soreness after exercise. Moving while wearing heat helps pain sufferers maintain a higher level of flexibility and blood flow. Moji’s heated wraps are wearable and move with you, so you can walk, work, and be active. That way, your muscles stay limber and blood flows better. The result? You feel great, so you want to stay active. Better yet, you become more active.

Pain Relievers and Surgery for Back and Neck Pain

Pain relievers and surgeries should be last resorts for treating back and neck pain, studies say. Even over-the-counter pain relievers and anti-inflammatories have side effects and may lose their effectiveness over time. Based on studies, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned that taking prescription or over-the-counter drugs increased potential health risks such as gastrointestinal bleeding, heart attack, or stroke. The ACP guidelines recommend that patients skip these over-the-counter drugs and that doctors refrain from prescribing opioids for patients suffering from back pain.

“What we need to do is to stop medicalizing symptoms,” Dr. James Weinstein, a back pain specialist and chief executive of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health System, told the New York Times in 2017. “Pills are not going to make people better,” he said. Others agree. The growing opioid problem is leading physicians nationwide to reassess prescriptions.

To cope with back and neck pain, doctors also recommend exercise rather than extended couch or bed rest. Although it sounds counterintuitive that you should move more when you have back or neck pain, ACP researchers found that exercise improved pain relief and mobility when compared with no exercise.  So when you have back and neck pain, you might try some of the exercises outlined by healthcare professionals or sources such as WebMD for back pain. But before you exercise, consider heating up your muscles first.


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Why use the MojiHeat Neck Wrap?

  • The MojiHeat Neck Wrap will help you relieve muscle pain and stiffness in the mid back with soothing, therapeutic, moist heat. Moist heat will relax you and improve your mobility.

How does moist heat benefit me?

  • Moist heat is the most effective way to reduce muscle spasms and stiffness, increase blood flow, relieve muscle soreness, and relax your muscles. Most importantly, heat feels great!

When should I use the MojiHeat Neck Wrap?

  • Almost Anytime! You can use the MojiHeat Neck Wrap when your muscles feel tight, stiff, sore, and need some relief. You can even use the mid back wrap to keep your body warm on a cold winter day. Use to warm up before sports or activities. Do not use within 48 hours of an acute injury. If you have any swelling in the area, please consult a physician before use.

How long can I wear the MojiHeat Neck Wrap?

  • Wear the MojiHeat Neck Wrap as long as it feels comfortable. The MojiHeat wrap is designed to provide long-lasting heat therapy that relaxes tight muscles and offers powerful pain relief even after you remove the wrap from your mid back.

Can I use the wrap multiple times a day?

  • Yes. But you should wait at least 2 hours before reusing the MojiHeat Neck Wrap.

How do I heat the MojiHeat Neck Wrap?

  • All MojiHeat wraps only should be heated in a microwave.

Can the MojiHeat Neck Wrap be heated in other ways?

  • No. These wraps are specifically designed to be heated only in the microwave. They should never be heated in an oven, in hot water, or by any other method.

Do the MojiHeat wraps contain any grains, herbs, or gels?

  • The MojiHeat wraps contain ceramic beads that can be heated safely in a microwave. They do not contain any grains, herbs, or gels.

Can the MojiHeat wraps be heated too long?

  • Yes. Do not overheat. Overheating can cause burns, damage the product and will void your warranty. Heat only as directed on the packaging and on our website, Only heat in a microwave. Always test the temperature of the product before using it, particularly on your bare skin.

Can I microwave each MojiHeat wrap for the same amount of time?

  • No. Each wrap has unique heating instructions. Strictly follow the instructions provided for each wrap.

How long should I microwave the MojiHeat Neck Wrap?

  • Microwave MojiHeat Neck Wrap for between 2 minutes and 45 seconds.  If you prefer it hotter, next time, heat it longer.  Never exceed 3 minutes and 10 seconds. Heat in microwave only. Test temperature by placing your wrist on the wrap. If it is too hot, set it aside, and check again in 30 second intervals. Please wait at least 2 hours before reheating.
  • CAUTION: Follow instructions carefully. Misuse can cause burns. If at any time during use the MojiHeat Neck Wrap feels too hot or uncomfortable, remove immediately. Do not allow children to heat or use this product without close adult supervision. Individuals with diabetes, circulatory problems, nerve damage, paralysis, insensitive skin, or other health or medical conditions should consult with a physician prior to use. Do not use the MojiHeat Neck Wrap with liniments, balms, or lotions.

What can I do if the product feels too hot?

  • MojiHeat wraps have been designed to deliver comfortable, relaxing heat. Microwaves vary so the temperature may not be right for everybody when the wrap first comes out of the microwave. Do not use the wrap if it is too hot for you. Instead, check the temperature in 30 second intervals until it reaches a comfortable temperature for you. You can wear the MojiHeat wrap over layer of clothing if that is more comfortable than wearing the wrap directly against your skin.

How long will MojiHeat wraps stay hot?

  • The MojiHeat wraps stays hot for up to 30 minutes under normal conditions. However, if you choose to walk outside in below zero temps, the wraps aren’t going to stay hot very long! The times we have specified typically give you plenty of time to relax and enjoy the soothing heat.

How do you put on the MojiHeat Neck Wrap?

  • Place the wrap around your neck so that the straps are on the front of your body. Insert your hands into the end of the straps and feel the heat on your hands. Also, you can choose to allow the straps to hang straight or you can tie the straps loosely together.

Does Moji sell other MojiHeat moist heat wraps?

  • Yes. We’ve got your back – your whole back covered. In addition to our MojiHeat Neck Wrap, we sell the MojiHeat Lower Back Wrap specially designed to provide comfortable, healing moist heat to your lower back to ease pain and stiffness. We also offer our MojiHeat Mid Back Wrap – the only wrap on the market that provides soothing, moist heat to your mid back.

What is fabric content and fill that is used in the MojiHeat wraps and the MojiHeat Moist Heat Cell?

  • The MojiHeat wraps are made of custom engineered, premium soft 4-way stretch compression fabric. This fabric contains polyester and spandex. The MojiHeat cell is made of polyester and spandex. The neck wrap and the MojiHeat Moist Heat Cell are filled with ceramic beads.

Can I wash the MojiHeat wrap in the washing machine or hand wash it in a sink or tub?

  • No. The wrap should not be submerged in water.

How do I clean the MojiHeat wrap?

  • Spot clean the wrap with a damp cloth, mild soap, and water. Do not submerge in water.

Can my children use the MojiHeat wraps?

  • Yes, under close adult supervision. MojiHeat products are safe for everyone to use when used properly. Do not allow children to heat or use this product without close adult supervision. Always test the temperature of the MojiHeat wrap on your wrist before placing the wrap on the child.

Can individuals with health and medical conditions use MojiHeat products?

  • Individuals with diabetes, circulatory problems, nerve damage, paralysis, insensitive skin, pain, or other health or medical conditions should consult with a physician prior to use.Your doctor can advise you as to whether the MojiHeat wrap is the right product for you.

Can I use the MojiHeat wraps if I am pregnant?

  • Consult with your doctor before use if you are pregnant. Your doctor can advise you about whether a heated wrap can be used safely.

Is it okay to apply liniments, balms, ointments, or lotions to my skin before using the MojiHeat wraps?

  • No. Do not use the MojiHeat Neck Wrap with liniments, balms, ointments, or lotions as it may cause injury to the skin.

Does the neck wrap come in multiple sizes?

  • The neck wrap comes in one size but should fit most people comfortably. Specially designed straps allow you to adjust the compression of the wrap against your neck.

Can I use the MojiHeat Neck Wrap if it has a hole, is torn or damaged?

  • No. Damaged MojiHeat Neck Wraps should not be heated. Dispose of it properly.

Does Moji® offer video information about how to use the MojiHeat wraps?

Where are the MojiHeat wraps made?

  • These wraps were designed in the U.S. and are made in China.

Where can I purchase MojiHeat wraps and other Moji products?

What is the warranty on the MojiHeat wraps?

  • Moji proudly offers a one-year warranty from the date of purchase.

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